Portugal produces a considerable variety of wines which are not exported outside the producing region. All you really need to do is to tell the waiter you want red (tinto) or white (branco) and you can’t go wrong. If the choice of red of white isn’t broad enough, you can order pink or green!


Lagoa: Locally produced in Lagoa, very potent!

Mateus: Rose under the wine section, undoubtedly one of the most famous wines from here

Port: Named after Oporto, recommended as an aperitif the white, and after dinner, the tawny

Vinho Verde: The famous green wines of the Algarve, sparkling and very refreshing


Aguardente: Any label marked Aguardente is definitely for the very brave! A good drink on a cold day but make sure lighted matches are well out of reach!

Amarguinha: A popular liquor made from almonds; try with crushed ice and fresh lemon

Brandy: Good local brands. Look out for Maciera 5 star

Brandymel: Mixture of honey and brandy – wonderful

Bagaciera: Portuguese white brandy

Fernet Branca: An excellent brandy for the morning and upset tummies, taken sparingly with an unforgettable taste!

Tijuana: A Portuguese coffee liquor, similar to Tia Maria

Triplesec: Portuguese version of the orange liquor Cointreau